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Help for Pump Reservoir

Hey Guys! I currently have this Pump Reservoir Combo from Thermaltake. Thermaltake Pump-Reservoir Link . Attached is my PC, I would like to shorten the Reservoir so that I will be able to move my Radiator to the top and not the front.


If you guys can provide a link to amazon it would be great


Please let me know!

Thanks Guys


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Hi buddy, since in most use case scenarios, reservoir capacity doesn't affect cooling capacity, you could try either the 100 or 120 versions of EK's Quantum Kinetic TBE pump / res combos.


From the looks of it, it should fit straight into where your existing unit sits but take up much less vertical space.


EK has detailed dimension in their product data sheets so you can check each unit to see the sizes. 

Living Room PC - Lian-Li o11 Dynamic - Intel Core i9 9900k @ 5.1Ghz - MSI MEG Z390 Mobo - 32GB Ram - EVGA RTX 3080 - 256GB Samsung NVMe - Corsair HX1200i PSU - CPU + GPU cooled with dual EKWB 360 Rads + EKWB G1 Distro Plate


Bedroom PC - Corsair 280x - Intel Core i7 8086k @ 5.1Ghz -  Gbyte Z390 I Aorus Pro Wifi Mobo - 16GB Ram - EVGA RTX 2080ti - 256GB Samsung NVMe - Corsair HX850i PSU - CPU + GPU cooled with dual EKWB 240 Rads + EKWB XRes100 Pump / Res Combo


Spare Room PC - Corsair 250d - Intel Core i7 8700k @ 5.1Ghz -  Gbyte Z390 I Aorus Pro Wifi Mobo - 16GB Ram - EVGA RTX 1080ti - 256GB Samsung NVMe - Corsair HX750i PSU - CPU + GPU cooled with EKWB 240 and 120 Rads + EKWB XRes140 Pump / Res Combo

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