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Okay so I have a ryzen 5 1600 and Msi tomhawk  b450 and I’m running at the 3.2ghz base clock and I want go over clock but I tried and it worked fine until I reached 89-100% utilization then I would blue screen I have all the necessities to overclocking I need help especially for my bored. Can someone please help I would like to clock it up to it’s advertised 3.6ghz boost clock!

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Look up some tutorials. If it bluescreens then its not stable. You either need more voltage, or a less aggressive overclock.


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Careful so you don't blow yourself up jk lol..


I would start by lowering voltage until you crash/freeze. Up voltage until stable and start upping the multi until unstable again, add more volt again until stable and continue like that. I doubt you'll be able to run all cores at the highest boost clock unless you have a great cooler but maybe 3400 is doable.


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