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I was just looking around on facebook when an ad from a popular e-commerce site in south america catched my attention on what looks to be some sort of external GPU dock you can buy from wish.com.

For some questions about the product the vendor says that he isn't a computer literate person and he just stumbled on some stock of this things and has to get rid of and after that tells you to go google it and research your self because that's not his work.

Here is the link to the said article where you can find some nothing at all instructive pictures of it. Personally neither do I have a clue to how this thing operates.


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Those have been around for a long time. I think LTT has used them in some past videos. 

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Lol never thought I saw those again after the mining era RIP!!. Yea those thing connect to the laptop e key slot for the wifi card.

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