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  1. Yes, yes it is. If you are building it next year maybe consider the 5000 series maybe they're a few of the discounted by that time
  2. Geezzz man I've been telling since yesterday just use Ubuntu already. It's just like creating a windows 10 install usb stick Windows is crap in reading unpartitioned drive. Even if you tried really hard. It will just end up asking to format it. You don't even need to install it just chose 'Try Ubuntu' and you will be dropped in the desktop.
  3. Hold on I'm writing something in your other post.
  4. Okay then don't set a drive letter to it. 'Cause it will required a format. Which is bad obviously Try use linux. Lets say Ubuntu Creating a bootable usb stick is super simple trust me. Here's the step: - Download Ubuntu via their site, just use 20.04 - Use rufus to create a bootable usb stick, just like when you need to install windows - Just set the usb stick a the main boot drive in your bios or using the boot option using F-something - Chose the 'Try Ubuntu' and voila you're using ubuntu
  5. Well then just set it at the top off the boot order
  6. I bought AC Unity when there's a bug on steam Indonesia making the price to only Rp28 or $0.002 aka 2 cents
  7. If it's not using windows. Then what OS does it uses?
  8. I'm just guessing here. Don't much about server stuff
  9. G102 Prodigy or Lightsync?? Whatever, I've never had a problem with my G102 after three years of usage. But what I found is that if you didn't install the logitech gaming software. The polling rate is so high that I ended up double clicking sometimes.
  10. There's only 2 main features that you loose by using a B460 board: - Can't overclock (obviously) - Max ram speed on i7 is 2933mhz while for i5 is 2666mhz (outrageous) Okay now lets list it: This one here is for if you chose the i7-10700 priced Rp5.000.000 and that motherboard is priced Rp1.400.000 (it's actually a bit more then that but it's for simplicity sake). Then you're left with Rp600.000 which is the priced for that V-gen kit. Pretty excellent value kit IMO. But if you chose the i7-10700F priced Rp4.600.00 and now we uses the actual mobo price w
  11. As long as you still uses the 580 there's no performance difference at all. the Z is for unlocked or overclockable cpu. But if it's paired with B460 board, it's basically useless. If you wanted a better value maybe the i7-10700F for about Rp4.600.000 at Tokopedia. Btw the i7-10700 is Rp5.000.000 at Tokopedia, while the i7-10700KF is Rp5.600.000 at Tokopedia
  12. Hmm... for that budget for cpu, motherboard, and ram. You can go for i7-10700, Asrock B460M Pro4, and V-Gen Tsunami 2x16 2666 DDR4
  13. Laptop: i5-8265u / MX250 Desktop: i3-4130 / HD 4400 (The R7 240 that was on the system just kicked the bucket)
  14. I were you I just would just let him be. Just let him enjoyed his FX cpu.