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Refresh Rate Error

I recently bought the AOC C24G1A, a monitor that supports a 144hz refresh rate. However, whenever I change the refresh rate to 144hz, what is supposed to be the very left 1/6th of my screen moves to the right and the rest of the screen moves to the left, as shown in the image below. This doesn't happen when it is in 60hz, and it occurs in different resolutions. I don't believe this is a windows problem, as when I took a screenshot, the image looked fine. I know my chances of finding a solution at AOC technical support is higher, but they are closed for the weekend and was wondering if anybody has any solutions. The screen properly becomes 144hz, my Windows is updated to the most recent version, I have tried the 2 HDMI 2.0 ports on the monitor (my laptop, Dell XPS 15 9750 only has 1 HDMI port), I have looked through the settings of the monitor to find a solution, I have looked through AOC's FAQ for a solution as well.


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if you recently bought it just return it , it's really not spose to be doing that

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