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Dragon Center empty screen(help pls)

So ive been trying to download dragon center cause I just want to change the color of a fan or two, but installing this program has been a pain in the ass for the last couple of days. Right now when I open it up it just takes me to a blank screen with no options except for the settings which does not help at all. Can someone help me out here. thank you





Ryzen 7 3700x

Red Devil Rx5700xt

16GB 3200mhz Corsair vengence lpx 

Evga g5 80+ gold Psu

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Uninstall Dragon Center and Uninstall MSI SDK. Reboot and reinstall. If it doesn't work rinse and repeat. Dragon Center is garbage. I have to reinstall the software constantly. I'm on my longest run without a reinstall of three weeks. Maybe one day they will update it, but for now you're stuck with garbage. The only reason I use it is for Mystic Light. (Also Garbage)


MSI x570 Carbon

Ryzen 3900x

MSI 2070 super

16gb 3600mhz G-skills 

Corsair 850 watt Gold PSU

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