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Toggle/fix for "scroll inactive window" issue

Espy the Espeon

I am working in Windows 10 v1903. I am having an issue where some program, primarily games that dont mouse capture, are scrolling the menus and other programs on my second monitor. I am aware that there is a setting to disable this and that would technically fix the issue. However im looking for either: 1. a solution to allow me to make games that dont capture the mouse by default if at all, do so, ensuring this becomes a non-issue; 2. a way to bind the setting to a keybind so that i can toggle it off and on easily enough.


As it is i do need the ability to manipulate not active windows, just not when gaming. My desire for the ideal solution is to have a way to have the setting disabled when "X" program is running, then enabled when "X" program is no longer running.

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