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WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo (controller failure? Need access to files)


Hello guys!


I have my friends WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo that it doesn't show up when connected on a computer. I tried all sorts of things with cables and such with no luck until my friend that owns the drive told my that he plugged a wrong power adapter that has higher voltage.
 The enclosure itself the LED blinks steadily white and there is a very hushed spinning sound from the disks.
 He really does need to get access to the data and he was just about to unplug and plug them on a windows machine thankfully I managed to stop him cause the drives from what I've seen they are working on a RAID but no sure if its RAID 0 or RAID 1.
 What can we do now ourselfes to see in first place if the drives are still ok and is there a way to determine what sort of RAID is running if there is one?


Thanks in advance!

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