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GMod crashing/pausing


Hi, I am from a GMod Server Forum and I have a player that has very odd issues. His game freezes and then shows up like this (attached file)


The game is not supposed to look like this, models dissapear and he can't see anything of the map anymore. 


We have tried solving it on our own Forums but without success so my next course of action is asking here. 


We have analysed his crash file and it showed this error code. As of right now, he crashes but he does not get any error messages from his crash files.

ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%p referenced memory at 0x%p. The memory could not be %s.


Does anyone know what this means? If you need any files or more information I'll ask the player that has the issue. Thanks in advance!



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