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  1. [SOLVED] I ran MemTest86, which obviously gave me over 18k errors before aborting itself. I then tried running only 1 stick, my system didn't post. I swapped the modules and it worked like a charm, 1 of my RAM modules is faulty. To fix a similar issue do the following: 1. Run Windows Memory Diagnostic 2. Run MemTest86 (Download it onto a USB and boot from the USB, tutorial on their website) 3. Diagnose which module it is. 4. Run your system with 1 module installed and run the tests again. Do this again for the other modul
  2. So yeah, this means my RAM is bad right? Did not expect this... I'll look into removing 1 stick tommorow, its midnight and time for bed. Really appreciate your help so far!
  3. I did and I am still getting errors... Do I just RMA everything? I don't really know what to do here... I've contacted Gigabyte support but I doubt they'll be able to help me any better than you already did
  4. I have just found out the company I ordered my motherboard from sent me the Rev 1.1 board when the website said 1.0. I have installed drivers under the 1.0 support tab and not 1.1. I am currently on a fresh windows install and will try this now, I doubt this will have much difference but it is definitely worth a shot.
  5. Didn't work. I do however have a different error code now. See below. It keeps also corrupting my windows, forcing me to go back to a recover point.
  6. Didn't go well, it didn't want to boot into windows for a while. When it finally did, windows froze and I had to turn off the PSU for it to work. I then had to go back to a recover point. I am going to try to run the benchmark now
  7. This was already set to this, and it doesn't let me change it. It is greyed out, even if I put it on Manual. I don't see SOC voltage anywhere, I am not that familiar with Gigabyte BIOS Good point, I didn't actually. I had an issue where my drives would disappear in an older BIOS so I updated it. I'll try that now!
  8. BIOS Update didn't resolve it. What was interesting however is that when I ran the benchmark with XMP off, it worked completely fine. Then I went to turn XMP on, and the benchmark gave me a BSOD. When I then turned it off again and ran it again, it first crashed the game letting me send a report the the developers of the game and then it just turned off my PC. My windows had to restore itself.
  9. Updating now RAM are in correct slots, XMP right now is disabled but I had the same issues with it enabled.
  10. When playing any games, and sometimes when not playing a game at all but just browsing fixes for this issue, I get a BSOD. There have been like 10 different error codes so far and I am just lost, I have no idea what to even try at this point and I am about to RMA my entire PC part by part. It usually happens when I play a game, I would in this case run a Benchmark test for F1 2020 and it would give me a BSOD with different codes everytime. I have taken pictures of a few, which can be found below. It also occured playing CS:GO and Phasmophobia, so it is not a game issue. All my driv
  11. I have done a clean Windows 10 install in the hopes of these problems go away, I'll reply again if it did not fix it.
  12. I tried pluging in a SATA HDD and it did the exact same as the SSD. I can recover all files with MinTool Partition Wizard.
  13. Nothing worked, it is back to normal. I'm out of options