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Low FPS only in COD Warzone


Hi, Warzone its really laggy and low fps, I was getting 80+ frames easy a week ago, now its unplayable, every other game I have its ok.


Ryzen 3600X

Phoenix 1650 Super OC

2x8gb corsair vengeance at 3200mhz OC /2400mhz stock

Asus TUF B450m - Plus Gaming MOBO


3Mark Benchmark



Heaven Benchmark






I had and issue with reseting for mistake my panamax power surge protector, had to change PCI E slot because I believe the x16 3.0 fried.


But from research I found the other one available is x16 2.0, so it should not be that much of a difference am I right? every other game plays just fine so does the benchmarks.


Even blender rendering.


Any ideas? please help.




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