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GPU + Case Upgrade + AIO

Sooo like most people I ran into a bit of extra stimulus cash and decided to upgrade.

Went from a crappy budget $55 Deepcool case to a $260 Fractal Define 7 case.

Started off as this cramped mess with my old rx480 ...


Did the transplant operation .... NURSE GIVE ME 50CC'S OF DATA STAT! (pardon the kitchen bench 🤣)


And about 24 hours later I ended up here.


Not without drama though, the first AIO cooler I got was leaking! so had to take it back to the store and get it swapped I take my whole rig in cause it was easier at the time but they were really busy so the guy asked can I remove it, I'm like sure lol so he handed me a screw driver and took off the cooler in-store on their display bench.
got home and put it all back together, also got some nice red/black power extension cables for the gpu as the ones from the power supply are really chunky and hard to manipulate.

All in all I'm pretty happy about it.

Next step is to get a small led matrix audio visualiser powered by an Arduino or some type of active screen and stick it on that panel. :D

Edit I forgot to put in the extra back shot of all the hidden HDD & cabling goodness :D



Edited by Runemane
Forgot a picture.

Ryzen 7 3700x /=/ ASRock x570 Phantom Gaming 4 /=/ 32gb (8gb x 4) DD4-3600 

Galax 1-Click OC 2080 RTX Super 8gb /=/ Fractal Define 7 Black w/Tempered Glass

(Hard Storage) 3x HDD - 3tb WD Black, 4tb WD Black, 6tb WD Black / (Games) 2x SSD - SAMSUNG SM863a Enterprise 1.92 TB (Raid 1) / (OS) 1 x Corsair MP510 M2 500gb

Corsair RM750x /=/ 50" 4K TV, 24" Viewsonic 144mhz Curved Monitor, 7" internal LCD display.

Corsair H100x AIO + 3 x 140mm Fractal Fans + 1 x 120mm Antec RGB Fan /=/ Keyboard - Asus 'TUF GAMING' K5 RGB /=/ Mouse CM110 Coolermaster RGB

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