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Overclocking Q8400


Hello, i have few questions about overclocking my old Q8400 with Asus P5E WS Pro motherboard. I already put that thing to 3.67Ghz at 1.328V, but main problem is RAM. I can overclock CPU with RAM. I didnt changed timings yet, but i got stable overclock at 2.02V at RAM. its clock at 914Mhz but its 4 sticks with two kingstons 800mhz, one transcend 800 and one corsair value 667 in all 8Gb. So my questions is did i reach end of what is possible or I can go up? Also what is max ram voltage I can apply and not get magic smoke? It has fan spinning directly to RAM, CPU temps according to AIDA it at 61C at load with Arctic Cooling Freezer 7

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