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MSI P67A GD65 BIOS recovery?

I had this "old" HP pc that I wanted to upgrade with some better storage and gpu, but the HP motherboard wouldn't boot with my GTX 1050 in it. I moved the i7 2600 and 8 GB RAM (GEIL 1333 MHz 2x4GB) to the MSI P67A GD65 that I bought second hand, and it wouldn't boot. There's an LED that lights up with the system for a few seconds, shuts down and tries again for a few seconds.


In the manual, I've found this LED to be a BIOS indicator. First power on there is no LED but shuts down. Second power on, the LED is blinking about once every second. Next boot, the LED is blinking fast and the 4th boot, the LED is static and on. After this 4th attempt to boot, it keeps powering on with the static LED, until I remove the CMOS battery. Then the cycle starts again. The manual states that these LED codes are BIOS errors, and that it fails to boot primary and secondary BIOS, meaning it's completely corrupt or bricked. Now I did try to restore it with a few guides, a FAT32 USB drive (4GB) in a USB2.0 port (tried multiple ports) with in the root of the drive the BIOS file and a copy of it named AMIBOOT.ROM, with no success.


The guy I bought it from claims it worked fine and wouldn't give me my money back. Do you have any ideas before I buy another one?


Complete specs:

i7 2600 with cooler master cooling


8 GB (2x4GB GEIL 1333 MHz)

Gigabyte 240GB SSD

WD Green 1.5 TB

Corsair CX430 psu

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