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FPS Drop


Hello friends,

I get serious performance degradation after reformatting. Just before reformatting, I was playing very smoothly in games like CoD Warzone and PUBG and like these games. But after reformatting, I became unable to play games from FPS dropping.In pubg even map can't render fast.In small games, an instant FPS drop comes in. Things like driver versions, Security Updates, Windows-based game tuning are all exactly the same. I couldn't solve the situation, I'm waiting for your help.



R5 2600 Temp : 58(Max)


RX 570 Temp : 60(Max)


James Donkey 512 GB M2 SSD - Write : 1980 Read : 1680


Adata XPG D10 8 GB 3000 MHZ

Kingston 4 GB 2400 MHZ


Windows 1903 KB 4537572

GPU Driver = 20.4.2


I have installed Chipset Driver.

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for one, you are mix matching rams and it need identical modules to form dual channel. ryzen really need dual channel more so than intel.

remember its a big faux pas to have multiple ram modules in different capacity, speed etc.

try leave your 8gb ram and see if problem persists.


why everybody post the spec of their rig here? i dont! cuz its made of mashed potatoes!

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