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Computer won't boot with GPU connected.


So about a year ago, my PC died on me. I thought it was the Power Supply and replaced it, but still it did not work. I hung up my headset for a year and now I'm back to fix the problem.



CPU: Intel i5-4690k

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i

GPU: Gigabyte Windforce GTX 970

PSU: Cooler Master Masterwatt 550w 

RAM: G Skill Sniper DDR3-1866 16GB

Motherboard: Asus Z97-A USB 3.1 LGA 1150

HDD: 120GB OCZ SSD and 1TB WD Black HDD

Build Completed: May 2015


The old power supply I believe was failing, because at random the computer would shut off. The old unit was a corsair CX750M. I replaced the PSU with Cooler Master 550w Masterwatt and the same problem continues. 


(If No GPU) If I unplug the PCI-E cable from the PSU, then the computer will boot, but no signal is sent to the monitor.

(If GPU) If the PCI-E cable is plugged into the GPU, then the computer refuses to boot. All of the LEDs on the motherboard will light up, but the power button doesn't do anything. 


Now, you might be saying "bad motherboard" but heres where it gets weird. 


I tried everything on a different Asus ROG motherboard, and the problem persisted.

I tried all of the PCI-E slots on each motherboard, still nothing. 

I even borrowed a friends CPU (i7-4790k) and GPU (GTX 1070ti) and it still didn't work on either motherboard.

I also have tried a brand new PCI-E cable and still nothing.


So, did I just get a lemon PSU or is there something else wrong?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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