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Looking for networking help


Hello all,


My current situation is a bit janked up and I don't know what i'm doing, I have infinet 150 (175Mbps) through sasktel and theres a fiber line to my apparment which is connected to a Alcatel-Lucent ONT (model #7432), which from is to connected to the WAN port on the router my isp provided (Actiontec V1000H), which I have connected to my desktop, a wireless tv box, and another router (Asus RT-AC1200). Now I got the asus router because the actiontec has horrible range and speeds, and in my current configuration the asus router is much better (Gets about 50Mbps) but from what I've been reading this is the wrong way to do it, the main problem is that I can't directly connect the asus router to the alcatel modem, it will only recognize it for a second and then it cuts the connection, it must restrict the access somehow. So I can't connect the asus router directly to the alcatel so my next move was to put the actiontec router in bridge mode, which I was able to do with the help of some guides, because the option is hidden, but it doesn't seem to work, there's no speed increase at all, still round about 50Mbps over wifi and ethernet. So my question is, is there anything I can do here? I'd like to connect my desktop to the asus router without losing speed, and to have wifi on the asus router work at full speed, but I also have to keep the actiontec router for my wireless tv and for the HPNA port.


Thanks for reading, sorry if this gave you a headache just thinking about it.

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