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CAS Latency

Hi guys, 

So I have a gaming laptop (HP Omen an101na) on order through work and it comes with a single 8gb stick of ram, and from what I can find it's 2666, but no info on CAS, but looking at ram available I'm gonna guess at cl19 as it seems to be fairly popular and cheap among laptop memory.

I already plan to upgrade to dual channel as that seems to give a decent performance boost in most games, but with the price of ram I'm not sure whether to just get a single stick of whatever latency ram is in it, or buy a dual kit of say cl15 ram (the best I could find). 

The only info I can find is say "2400 cl14 Vs 2666 cl16" but I want to know what the performance gains would be between 2666 cl19 Vs cl15, is it a few FPS or %, or is it comparable to single Vs dual channel? TIA, let me know if you need any more details! 

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Find out what ram you have first. Use CPU-Z SPD tab, or Thaiphoon Burner for even more detail.


How ram parameters affect applications depend on the application itself. A doubling in potential bandwidth is likely bigger in more scenarios than latency, but there will be cases preferring either.

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