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Nvidia will support adaptive sync via hdmi 2.1?

I wonder when nvidia will support adaptive sync via hdmi 2.1 since our currents 4k displays like the PG27UQ uses displayport 1.4 are limit to 98 Hz in HDR mode without subsampling since hdmi 2.1 has a lot more bandwidth can be done?
This all came up when dell announced the new Alienware 55 4K 120Hz OLED i mean...oled... fast response time fast refresh rate ... true 10 bit not like the PG27UQ 8bit + frc 120hz VRR especily now that nvidia suports free sync ...
and also those new  tvs that suports free sync and don't have dp...

is there 10-bit color in games?

g-sync and free sync works in 10 bit?


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