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Fan content from Other Files based on Linus Tech Tips

For a while, I had considered doing the fan content to get featured on The WAN Show after watching the past few archives, especially the Nitroblast LukeSportsTips video seen on the February 15, 2019 WAN Show, so here's some background.


YouTube playlist:



Back in 2016 on YouTube on my Other Files channel, I managed to get into Linus Tech Tips fan videos by way of an edit based on Linus' Surface Pro 3 video, with technical difficulties and a "Sound Trouble Temporary" subtitle influenced by the Oddity Archive episode on technical difficulties.


Sound Trouble Temporary - Other Files X LTT (L) - Oddity Archive (R)

These earlier edited videos were intended to be created for fun and were long before being featured on The WAN Show was considered.

It was with the introduction of the personal database of Hosts, Guests, Cameos, Sponsors and stuff in a Google Docs spreadsheet in August 2018 that led to wanting to be featured on The WAN Show.


Google spreadsheet:



Also predating the "featured on WAN Show" logic was the 2016 "Linus NCIX Tech Tips goes 60fps in Random NetlinkedSuperFun" video and predating Other Files was the June 2014 "NCIX 2013-14 thingies in Steven Universe (& Clarence) backgrounds" and January 2015 "NCIX Tech Tips videos in game promo backgrounds" video that was injected into the 2019 Other Files X Linus Tech Tips video.

This video featured references to videos such as those about the E-PRANCE dashcam (LTT), "I just want to run Cinebench! (WAN), Windex from the Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Keycap video (LTT), the first LTT video, PYRO Fireshooter (ChannelSuperFun), Stream Machine Hydrobolic Water Launcher and IPXX AFAP (CSF+Techquickie), Bam Launcher & Marshmallow Gun videos (CSF), the Giant Jenga & Real Life Mario Kart R/C race videos (CSF) and the very ancient "Snow Ramp Wipe Out My Little Brother Hits Our Ramp on the Wagon" video (LTT).

A more recent example of reaching out to LTT is a bumper in the style of those used by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim asking for the videos to bee wither seen by Linus Sebastian of Linus Media Group or be featured on The WAN Show with his co-host Luke of Floatplane Media.


As of the time of writing, no indication of an official response has been received on YouTube, Twitch, etc. in regards to the fan content. Updates will be added when received in regards to the five years of LTT/NCIX fan videos.




UPDATE: As of 9:09 PM EST, the fan videos and spreadsheet post on the LTT forum along with the Other Files videos did not make it to today's WAN Show. Darn.

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