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Display keep restarting



The problem i have is a little complicated. I try my best to explain it.
So today my computer started to keep restarting display like the moment you install driver for your vga but not exacly like that. When display restart computer freez for like 3-4 second, the sound is playing stop on that moment too.
Its more likely to happen when im doing something, not happening when pc is idle. Like when i open chrome and some tabs it happen 100%. And its even possible to totally freez chrome and i have to re open it. Pc was totallyfine before it.

Ps: "sometime" when it happen windows explorer and right click menues turn to black.

What i did:
Update os - using my rams solo - use system restore - make another user account - re assemble ram and vga - re install vga driver - scan for virus

My pc:
Windows 10 x64
Mainboard gigabyte p61-ds3
4 gig ram (2*2)
Geforce 9600gt
Cpu g530
Psu 780w

thx for helping

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