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Razer Man'O War Teardown & Open Back Mod


I have the Razer Man'O War wired headset and it's too late to return them.

Does anyone know where to find a teardown for this headset? I've been looking all over and can't find one or any advice on doing so.


The big thing I am looking to change is converting these into an open back headset. They work wonderfully at blocking out background noise but unfortunately my son and I game in the same room and talk to each other all the time. We use Teamspeak with other friends, but often we want talk to just each other while still on TS. For this he either has to yell or I have to push an ear cup back.

The outside of the ear cup is mesh looking, so if I can take it apart, I should be able to remove whatever is closing them off, or drill it out.



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