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HDMI Matrix


Hey guys,


I'm looking for a solid but affordable HDMI Matrix so I can connect all of my HDMI Devices (Maybe some room to add more in the future) and be able to switch inputs and outputs (Probs 4/6 inputs and 2 outputs) 


Got any recommendations? As one will be going to my iMac and the other to my Projector (Which is being upgraded soon).

Main Machine:  13inch MacBook Air (2020 Retina), Apple M1 (8 CPU, 7 GPU Core), 258GB SDD, 8GB RAM

Gaming Machine:  Acer Nitro 5, Core i7 10750H, RTX 3060 (L) 6GB, 1TB SSD (Boot), 2TB SSD (Storage), 8GB DDR4 RAM

Other Tech: iPhone 12 Pro Max, Series 6 Apple Watch (LTE), AirPods Max, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS3, Xbox 360

Network Gear:  TP Link Gigabit 24 Port Switch, TP-Link Deco M4 Mesh Wi-Fi, Custom Ryzen 5 Server with LTO 4 tape storage

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