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CPU Error light After GPU swap

Dead cpu / Dead motherboard   

  1. 1. CPU

    • Dead
    • Fine
  2. 2. Motherboard

    • Dead
    • Fine

Hello all, so recently I had a an issue with a graphics  card not being detected at all and the fans not spinning on it in one of my computers. So I wanted to see if it would work in another system so I took it out and put it in the other one. And it ran heaven benchmark just fine without any issues. Once I verified that the card worked I switched back to my original ones and then when time came to booting my computer I get a blank screen and a cpu led that is constantly illuminated. Here is my parts list if it helps and I know it’s old you don’t need to tell me. Note the card was in a completely different computer to the one it was put in.


  • Intel core i7 2600K Sandy Bridge 
  • Asus P8P67 EVO 
  • 12GB 1666Mhz ram. Unsure of what brand is 
  • 2 X AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB (in crossfire)
  • Corsair CS850M Power Supply 
  • Thermaltake Armor Plus Super Tower 


The graphics card I swapped in was a Saphhire Radeon R9 280X Dual X 3GB


once I swapped it in everything ran fine until I put my old cards back in which is confusing but here are the trouble shooting steps I have taken and none have worked. Keep in mind no display output at all.


1. Changing around ram sticks and trying to boot with one and putting in different slots. Didn’t work 

2. Checking the cpu for any bend pins and for proper seating on the socket. It was fine 

3. Taking out CMOs battery for 15 minutes and trying to boot again. Didn’t work 

4. Clearing CMOs. Didn’t work 

5. Testing the system outside the case. Didn’t work had the same issue 

6. Trying a different power supply. Didn’t work 

7. Putting the r9 280x and trying to boot to see if the graphics cards where the issue. Didn’t work 


so now I’m at a point where I no longer know what to do so I have resorted to asking you guys who may have a better understanding of my problem and may be able to help me out. 


Thank you you for your time, and any help is much appreciated 

Have a great day / night

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