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IBM 5150


Here is my first pc build, hope ya guys like it as much as I do. I acquired an IBM 5150 and I thought it would be neat to make it into a sleeper but didn't know my way around pc hardware too well. Then I found out about LTT and binged watched videos for days and I stumbled onto the video where Intel gifts Linus with a custom IBM 5150 and after that, I was even more motivated to make it happen since I kept thinking about all the things I would have done differently. They did a great job but I just felt like they could have utilized the space better. For example, they used a small mother board, I believe a mini-itx, where I opted to go for a standard atx, which I admit was an ordeal to work around, but def possible. They also used a single fan rad when I was able to fit a double. I also didn't like that it lacked front panel i/o so i also addressed that, along with a few other small details. However, I will admit, I did finesse Intel's plexiglass idea because it was too beautiful to not. Anyways, here's the details on the specs, sorry if the pictures don't do it justice, my room has odd lighting. Happy Christmas everyone. 


Processor- AMD Ryzen 2700x

Motherboard- Gigabyte x470 Aorus Gaming 7

Graphics Card- Evga GTX 1070

Power Supply- Evga 750w Gold

CPU cooler- Evga CLC 240 RGB

RAM- G.Skill Tridentz RGB 32gb

Front Panel- Thermaltake Commander FT, Kingwin USB 3.0 Front Panel

Additional Fans- 2 Noctua 60mm

Storage- 2 Samsung Evo 850

Other- Thermaltake pcie extender


I plan to upgrade the gpu along the line aswell as make a few other small modifications, but for now I'm happy with how it turned out.






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that's one hell of a build you got there!

i have to admit i definitely like this one better than Intel's version. the fact that you crammed full ATX and a 240mm rad in there makes it just even better.

the front I/O and fan controller also integrate beautifully into the front panel, nice job!

very impressed with your first build. not many people build something this epic when doing their first ;) 

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lol you have made everything about a sleeper pc not a sleepr pc by adding that top hole i have the same pc i did it to look orginal fro mall sides but the back i even hot the power switch to work

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