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need advice on making my gaming/streaming pc's quiet


here are my setups:

gaming/main pc

core i7 7700k @ 4.8

msi krait z270 motherboard

gigabyte rtx 2080 gaming oc

1tb samsung nvme

4x1tb samsung ssd

nzxt kraken x62 aio

corsair hx1000i psu


stream pc

ryzen r7 1700x

asrock fatal1ty x370 professional gaming

msi gtx 1080 armor

250gb samsung ssd

corsair h100i aio

corsair tx750 psu


i just put the storage down so you would know how much space i need in a case i guess you probably wouldn't need to know that! anyway i'm trying to get both setups as quiet as possible the stream pc is currently in a define r4 but the front panel is completely broken so i'm wanting to replace it, my main setup is in a nzxt s340 elite but its pretty beat up and one of the front usb ports is completely broken so i want to replace it, but i'd be down to use it for the streaming pc if i can keep it really quiet. i'm open to replacing both psu's if it would help with noise as well. i just haven't followed hardware in a while so i have no idea what is quiet and good! :<


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