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Please Help! MEG x399 Creation: Windows Failed install and linux failed wifi

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Linux. However, I always wanted to have a dual boot windows/Linux computer, so I finally got myself one. The parts are listed here https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/GGcmvn 1. I updated the BIOS on that beast of a motherboard (I am planning on some major upgrades down the line). Also, like many others, LTT inspired me to build my rig (major cliche).

The parts arrived, and I assemble it, boot the bios, and everything was present, so I felt a huge relieve. I tried to install windows and Linux. However, I had the blue screen of death after the first installation section of windows (quite literally after the first reboot), which I thought was odd. So instead I started with Linux.

It crashed as soon as I log in (I asked for it to install third party proprietary software). After that, I install without that option, and It works like a charm.

However, the wifi card was not recognised (Intel® Wireless-AC 9260 card ), but the Bluetooth works flawlessly. I downloaded the Linux firmware from Intel, and I moved it to the /lib/firmware folder separately and also as individual files, and nothing worked.

I also updated all Linux packages, and everything and nothing has worked.

I am truly lost, any help will be great; also I am a complete Linux novice.


I hope it is not a motherboard failure, because I do not want to go through Amazon replacement speciality team. Does anyone have any ideas? I can program, but my skills are limited to data analysis and machine learning but do not extend further than pure analytics.

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