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Nvidia graphic card is not detected in ASUS laptop

I have a laptop asus x456urk core i5 7200u with dual graphics Intel hd and GeForce 930mx.  the problem probably (I'm not sure) occurred when I did an overclock to my vga with msi after burner and I got Blue screen of death, and before that my os, windows 10, was probably upgrading itself, because I got an option "shutdown and upgrade" and I let windows update its self   well I am not totally sure if it is the case because few hours latterI turned on my laptop , and I played pubg mobile emulator and it still worked fine, and my NVidia was still working fine, the fps is normal as usual, and thers still NVIDIA appeared in msi after burner, and device manager. but I found that NVidia control panel did not appear while I do the right click...  Found my self disturbed with the absence of NVidia control panel in the right click. the I uninstalled NVidia driver. and started again with the latest nvidia driver. and boom!!! I found the error "NVidia driver cant find compatible hardware graphics " and " this driver is not compatible with the version of windows".   so I checked the device manager and its not detected any longer


heres the lists ive done after getting this error

1. using system restore back to the previous version of windows, (no luck)

     I applied set devmgmt_show_hiden_devices=1 in Command Prompt.  my NVidia appeared grey in DM  and i got error "the graphic hardware is no longer connected".

2. I updated the bios to the latest one (no luck)

    when I'm in BIOS configuration.. I really shock, that my bios is detecting wrong NVidia graphic. it is written as Intel HD 620 and NVIDIA 940MX. I tried downgrading bios as well as upgrading it. and it still shows wrong Nvidia. I wonder wheres my 930mx ? 

3. then I bought ssd  replace my old hdd and did  the clean-installation for the win 10, I still got eror "the graphic hardware is no longer connected" while installing NVidia driver . (still no luck)

4.  tried iobit driver booster and  still theres no any signs of nivdia in my pc. 

5. tried uninstall NVidia driver in DDU,  (still no luck) 

6. the I dissembled my laptop, clean up some dust, replace a new thermal paste (still no luck)

     well it looks like theres no problem with my hardware. 


well the laptop is still running smoothly, even though without my 930mx.  I cant play any game no more, I tried playing Pubg mobile emulator and the fps drops so much, I only get like below 30. while with the 930mx I got 60 fps. I don't know whats wrong with this laptop.. probably you guys here can solve this issue. 

 here I give you whole information about my pc I got from dxdiag DxDiag.txt.  if anyone of u can help me,, I would really appreciate it.

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