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Work travel? What are your favorite spots?

So I'm relatively new to the forums, but I wanted to ask if anyone here travels for business? If you do, where do you travel to and what are your favorite spots to visit, eat, shop, meet people, or drink? Currently (at the time of this writing) I'm traveling for work and I'm in Taichung, Taiwan. I thought it would be interesting to find out if anyone has any recommendations of spots they've personally been to that I could visit, but figured maybe others could benefit from hearing about places elsewhere too.


So, if you've traveled abroad and have any recommendations, leave a message. It would probably be best to name the city and country, along with as much detail about the place you have or can remember. Also, I know that some countries have a tendency to change rapidly (I hear restaurants in Taiwan do this), so let us know when it was that you last visited that place. Feel free to add any more info that you can or a cool story about your trip. 

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