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Workstation/gaming setup


I will be doing 3D modelling and rendering with Blender, video editing and gaming.


Currently, I have these parts:

- Ryzen 5 2600

- RTX 2070

- Strix B350-F Gaming

- Ripjaws V-series 2400 MHz RAM

- Crucial MX500 SSD

- EVGA 650 Watt 80+ gold PSU


My main questions are:

1) will the motherboard be sufficient for future CPUs, such as 12 core CPUs? How will it handle overclocking? I am willing to get another motherboard under $200.

2) will my RAM be fast enough to handle overclocking?

3) is RTX 2070 a good choice for 3D rendering? If Navi proves to be superior to RTX 2070, my plan would be to sell my RTX 2070 and get Navi instead. This would waste $100 (I bought the card at $480 and it would probably sell at $350 used) but I desperately need a computer right now and waiting is not an option. Another thing I considered would be buying a cheap 1050 TI to hold me for 2 months. What do you think?

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  1. Until future cpu are released the question really can't be answered. When the 2xxx Ryzen cpu were introduced, two new chipsets were also released. While the new cpu can work on 3xx motherboards the new B450 and X470 are needed to fully exploit the new cpu. It seems reasonable to expect this trend to continue.
  2. Not really.
  3. Since you have the gpu, speculation is pointless. Try it out for yourself.

80+ ratings certify electrical efficiency. Not quality.


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