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    16 GB Trident Z Royal 3200MHz
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    Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce
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  1. I'm seeing bids over $500 on 2070 super and bids over $600 on 2080 super. Why are people buying used cards close or even over the MSRP? Could we expect used 3080 to also sell near $600 in 1-2 years?
  2. As far as I am aware, a MCM design allows for much better yields and cheaper production of larger core counts, rather than making any single stream processor faster. Does this mean if nVidia chooses to go with a MCM design with Hopper, we will see yet another drastic increase in core count? What would such a change entail for workloads such as gaming and 3D rendering? My understanding of Ampere is that the large amounts of FP32 units benefited 3D rendering drastically (almost linearly with core count) while gaming saw a significantly smaller performance increase.
  3. I plan on buying a 3080 for 3D rendering, which means the card will be pretty much going peak power all day. I'm wondering if anyone have tried undervolting it to reduce power consumption, and what results you have gotten (or expected to get). I've heard of other cards' power draw being reduced by 30% by sacrificing just 10% performance, and since Samsung 8nm isn't exactly that power efficient compared to the TSMC 7nm, I think undervolting might be a good idea (similar to what people did with the Vega 64). Any general tips and warnings to undervolting a card would also
  4. Get a new PSU first, many 300W PSUs are basically miniature IEDs.
  5. 3090 and a future Q6000 should be similar, so the only benefit you'll get from a Quadro is if an application is locked to use only Quadro cards. All the apps you listed appear to support Geforce, although many professional applications still refuse to use them. I believe the main benefit of computing on Quadro is when you're building a large server and putting hundreds of GPUs together and you want something that is less likely to crash (since Quadro have ECC and dies are checked for quality), but otherwise the performance advantages Quadro used to have should be practically gone.
  6. Huh, I logged in again and it's not there anymore. Guess they caught the error or something. Microsoft do love to change the browser from Chrome to Internet Explorer after a while for some reason, so I guess they got some problem with the security info tab.
  7. I went to Microsoft.com to check my account security logs on Chrome, and after getting on (I'm already logged in) I see the activity for 2 minutes ago, which is basically me logging into the website. However, besides saying "successful sign in", it also displays a single "password changed". I know my password did not change because 1) I would've received an email and I didn't, and 2) I tried my current password and it worked, so it wasn't changed. Do anyone know what caused this? It has to be an error but what exactly happened? Should I be worried? I changed my password just in case (a
  8. Does that scam work if my mobile company does not allow me to place International calls (I tried to call international once and it told me to upgrade my plan), or are they working around that somehow?
  9. I got a phone call today from an unknown number (likely spoofed because it starts with the same 6 digits as my own number). I picked up but remained completely silent and the other side hung up after about 5 seconds. However, I later remember this might be my doctor checking in for my appointment tomorrow so I called back, but it went into a random lady's voicemail. I think this might just be another telemarketer, but is it possible to get hacked or your identity stolen through a phone call you initiated? Crybercriminals are getting ridiculously smart in their tactics so I thought
  10. Are the adwares that Filezilla asks to install safe? I never agreed to install them, but some people have reported that Filezilla installed them anyways.
  11. Filezilla was detected as malware (specifically trojans) by multiple virus scanners, including Kaspersky and Microsoft defender. Multiple warnings are also online about it being malware. I had been using it since January on desktop (version 3.40.0) and for years on my laptop. What is up with this? What kind of activities is Filezilla doing on my PC?
  12. Is it possible for certain sequences of actions to cause someone else to download your data stored on cloud servers, specifically OneDrive or Google Drive? Has such a bug ever existed in the past?
  13. Basically, I had this setup: 1) phone connected to NordVPN 2) a WiFi hotspot on my phone using netshare from Play Store 3) laptop (Windows 10) connected to phone So, my question is if I visit a HTTPS website from my laptop, when the VPN sends the webpage to my phone, is the information encrypted with HTTPS the entire time such that my phone cannot read it? I don't trust my phone nor the netshare app to be clean of malware, so assuming that my phone (Huawei running Android 9) does indeed contains malware, could it read either my inbound and outbound information
  14. Is the Exos supposed to be more reliable? Should I go for a single 8TB Exos (best value) or two 4TB Barracuda drives in raid 1? Both options have similar prices but if the Exos isn't significantly more reliable than the Barracuda I'll go with the two 4TB option so I won't lose data.
  15. Huh, just figured it was pretty weird to add the underscore to the beginning of the name. Guess I'm fairly safe then.