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Windows updates and Artificating

So I built my pc recently and I wasn't having issues until now. well I say that, but that isnt accurate. the GPU I bought used temporarily doesn't work which isnt why I'm here. I was updating windows 10 to update 1803 and it was stuck at 29%. I tried a few things to get it to work to no prevail. I restarted my pc for my other updates and everything was okay. I used the windows update assistant to install it and carried on with my rest. well after that I started getting bad artificating to seizure inducing levels. I tried everything. uninstalling and reinstalling windows, repairing windows, installing windows from a different USB. nothing worked. I was up till 4 am. I ended up letting all the other updates go overnight and still nothing. this morning I uninstalled my igpu driver and it fixed it. reinstalling still causes the artificating. did the update damage my CPU? is my new 8700k need to be replaced? is my ssd fucked up now? I cant figure out what to do. why my brand new 2k pc is fucked like this. for reference my specs are i7-8700k deep cool gammax gt gigabyte aorus ultra gaming wifi 16gb corsair pro rgb ram evga supernova nex 750b samsung 850 evo wd blue 4tb 5400rpm nzxt h500 monitor - Dell 144hz 1440p 1ms 27in keyboard corsair k70 rgb mk2 mouse logitech g502 proteus spectrum headphones beyerdynamic dt 990 pros

any help would be appreciated I really need the help as everything worked fine before this issue.

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