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OS problem

Hi everyone I have a problem with my OS.


It's corrupted, and I'm assuming my system 32 file is corrupted. An error code occured, but I can't remember what the error code was sorry. Basically the computer is useless for now, and nothing can be done on it. However this isn't really the problem. 


I'll be getting a new computer soon(because the computer is a pretty old anyways), and I want to transfer some files onto my new computer. But I'm concerned this may be an issue, because the OS is corrupted. However from my knowledge this shouldn't be a problem, because the new computer will have a new OS on a different main hard drive, so I'm thinking it shouldn't matter, and the file transfer should be smooth. 


Basically I'm asking, if my transferring my files onto the new computer would have any issues because of the corrupted OS. Just making sure. Thanks for your help. 



Other additional information:

- Old corrupted hard drive has windows 7

- Corruption occurred because the PC kept getting "power surges", that reset the pc off once in a while. The times and frequency at which it had power surges greatly differ. Some days it never happened. Some days multiple power surges happened in a couple of minutes. One day I had a power surge and my OS got corrupted unfortunately. Still not sure what the problem is. It's either the PSU or the power outlet from my house. I really have no clue. 



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You should be fine.
If the issue is simply with the windows install crapping out and not because of drive failure then you will be able to just slap the old drive into the new machine and access it as a secondary drive and be able to pull your files off that way.

If the drive is failing however, you might encounter trouble when accessing the drive and reading files. If this happens and files are very important, just disconnect the drive and take it to a data recovery specialist for an assessment.

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