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Post Code 00... but I assume I know the issue

Hey everyone!  Longtime viewer, but first time poster looking for help.


Long story short, yesterday I was back home with my computer, and had it open for some winter dusting.  And to make an even longer story sort, my mother accidentally dropped a heavy piece of metal from high up, straight down into the case, striking the motherboard.  (bottom of it, below the GPU).


Got back home, plugged everything, post code 00. (powered on.  but no POST and no monitor detection)  Re-seated the GPU, CPU, CMOS battery... tried w/ 1 RAM stick in different slots.  Still nothing.  And the MSI manual doesn't list code 00 at all.


My question:  Everywhere online I look, people say code 00 means a dead CPU.  But could it mean a dead motherboard instead?  That would seem to make the most sense in this situation.  


MSI Gaming M5 Z270


1080 FTW (EVGA)

16gm G.Skill



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3 hours ago, Audherbagn said:

RIP Z270 m5

Thanks!  Given the situation, this is actually the outcome I'm hoping for.  I'd rather spend $100 on a new mobo instead of $350 or more on a new CPU.



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