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Mic can only hear me when "listen" is check in sound tab



I have two mics I use one is a blue snowball (usb) and the other is a corsair VOID headset and they used to work fine but when I plug them In now I get nothing from the mic. I have found that strangely if I go into sound tab (and yes ive checked they're set up as default etc) and I check the listen to box in their properties I can hear myself through them and the "little green volume" meter fills up normally with my words, BUT NOT when the box is unticked and my recording software both OBS and audacity cant detect anything even when listen is checked.


This is very weird and specific behaviour that they are displaying and I have no idea where to start all the usually troubleshooting steps ive done 


Any help would be awesome


Thanks for your time



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Is there a way to tell if/which program us hijacking it? The only thing I can think of is an Nvidia update but that hasn't messed with anything else 

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