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Monitor(s) for a coder


I’ve been looking into buying a new monitor or monitors, but there’s so many options, I’m just lost. I mostly use my computer for coding but I also watch videos, not much of a gamer really. I currently have a a 1080p 24” monitor and I want a upgrade from that. 


Features I want:

- At least 1440p

- Either 2 monitors or an ultra wide


Features I’d like (I’d like at least some of these):

- Curved

- A higher refresh rate. 

- Thin bezels, especially if I’m getting 2. 

- USB type-C connectivity. 


Features I don’t really care about:

- High colour accuracy/coverage


I’d like to spend around £500 (640 USD) in total. 


The best I’ve found at the moment is the Acer CZ350CK which is a 35” curved ultra wide for £490. Is that the best I’m gonna find or are there any others people can suggest??

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