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Windows 10 freezes on boot logo HELP


Hi i just turned my pc from sleep it didnt turn on so i restarted it and now it wont boot it gets to winows logo and stands there nothing happens
this is what is happening,removed gpu ram changed slots disconnectet ssd the same thing 
updated bios nothing changed,i have windows 10 install on usb drive when i select in boot options usb drive to reinstall or repair windows it stops the same way nothing helped.Any help tnx.
Pc was build 2 days before and worked with out any problems.
Motherboard;Asus strix b450 f gaming
Cpu:Amd radeon 7 1700x
Ram: 2X Corsair vengence rgb pro 8 gb 2666 mhz
Gpu:Asus rx580 dual 8gb oc 
Psu:evga 600

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