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Should I buy another keyboard?


as I am making my "Gaming setup" and I normally as expected bought keyboard. It's chinese one called "Motospeed ck108". It feels very nice (it's aluminium plated and switches are suprisingly great). The only problem I have is it has numpad and idk...it just feels kinda ehh when you remember it's some chinese company and not logitech or corsair. I mean...numpad is great for programming and by general typing long numbers faster, but it's annoying to have while you are gaming (I am competitive gamer so numpad is space waste). Also my table is small so it's really annoying. Should I buy tkl keyboard and if yes should that be gpro (I have logitech g mouse so I can sync rgb and I like how it looks) or something else? 

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If you can't stand the keyboard you have atm, then get the G PRO. If you can survive with it or you don't want to spend money, then don't get a new keyboard.

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