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  1. Ok...so... as I am making my "Gaming setup" and I normally as expected bought keyboard. It's chinese one called "Motospeed ck108". It feels very nice (it's aluminium plated and switches are suprisingly great). The only problem I have is it has numpad and idk...it just feels kinda ehh when you remember it's some chinese company and not logitech or corsair. I mean...numpad is great for programming and by general typing long numbers faster, but it's annoying to have while you are gaming (I am competitive gamer so numpad is space waste). Also my table is small so it's really annoying. Should
  2. well...I use it mostly for gaming but I am planning to start doing stuff in blender and other things that require good cpu so yeah...I really need powerfull cpu...maybe i7-3770 can help?
  3. I really need help in decision. My current cpu is i5 3470 and I think I really need new cpu. Becuase of slot if I change to i7 8700 (I am not going to overclock anything) I will need to change mobo and ram too. Should I replace i5 3470 now and which is cheapest but very good cpu,mobo and ram (Also I am going to upgrade from 8 to 16/32 gb of ram) that will last me for long time? (at least for 3 years)
  4. I see what you want to tell me. "Wired is better." Am I right? I know wired is better but logitech made those two wireless mouses almost perfectly with 1 m/s usb report rate. Also I am tired of wired and I really need wireless. + I don't really trust steelseries as many people said their products suck and they break easly so thats why I trust logitech when it's about mouse for gaming. Same goes for razer. I would buy g502 if it wasn't wired (I already explained why I really need that wireless) and if I wasn't in stupid competition with friend "Who will have better peripherals for gaming." so..
  5. I am right handed so maybe g703 would be enough for me. Maybe.
  6. I live in balkan shithole country so... I will wait until I fly to america where I can test them. And yes...I should start learning english grammar lmao. Thanks for reply.
  7. I am thinking between Logitech g903 and g703. Both mices are great ik. It's just that design of g903 actualy attracts me. Please answer. Also are those amazon offers legit (screenshots)?
  8. Ik I am late... I bought sennheiser hd 4.40 bt. I relized I will have to buy deticated microphone anyways so... I will be fine. Thanks for reply
  9. I need help in decision. I am looking for new headset. I need sound better than beats headphones (idc about 7.1, I just need ok sound). I actualy care about materials,detachable mic, rgb (I want it to fit with my rgb setup) and comfort of course (also wireless and having no rgb sometime is ok too). My budget is 100$ and I am thinking between Steelseries arctis 5 (I would buy it rn but some people have problems with its software), Logitech g433, CORSAIR VOID PRO RGB USB (caps lock pardon) and Corsair HS70 SE. Which one of these should I buy or you reccomend something else?
  10. hi...I moved my parts to nzxt s340 elite. I had to buy new psu and adapter for front panel usb 3.0. Rest is fine.
  11. well...I bet one kid that I found with my phone...I got it back...I taught him a lesson
  12. Well... My nokia 3310(2017) got stolen. (no I am not indian) I use that phone becuase I had to sell my smartphone to buy better gpu. I don't know my IMEI code. When I call it it's not available. What can I do?
  13. Here are pictures.I hope they are enough good. https://imgur.com/a/wdNjG9r