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15ft USB 3.0 Cable with Powered USB Hub disconnecting randomly

So I've got a Strix Z370-H motherboard with a 15 FT USB 3 extension cable leading to a 7 port Powered Anker USB hub (A7505112) which currently has my Razor BlackWidow Chroma and a logitech mouse plugged into it. 95% of the time, everything works just fine, however randomly (and typically on startup) I lose my mouse and keyboard for about 10 seconds before they reconnect. At first I assumed I pushed the USB length limitations too far with my wall mounted system, but I then noticed that when I lost my keyboard and mouse, I also lost my Wi-Fi adapter, as well as my wireless headset adapter, which are plugged into separate Red "sleep and charge" ports away from the Blue USB 3 ports the extension cable is connected to. So my initial panic is that there might be something wrong with my (brand new) motherboard. After doing some research, I found that the suggested 3 meter max length of USB 3 can be pushed by either an active cable or having a powered hub at the end of it, and with the apparent quality of Anker products I don't think the hub is back-feeding power causing the ports on the motherboard to shut down. I'm just worried I might be damaging my mobo by allowing this to continue to happen. I'll admit, I have yet to connect the powered hub directly to the motherboard, mostly because this is gonna require some serious rework to my cable management outside my computer just to test, so I figured I'd come here and ask a few questions first.


Do I need an active USB cable or is 15 ft just too much to expect from USB 3?
Why would other USB ports, with possibly separate controllers and power sources, be shutting down as well?

Could I have a faulty powered hub that's causing an over-current/voltage issue but only during start-up?



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In USB 3.0 i found some problems up to 9 feet 10 inches without a powered usb hub.

Probably in your case the keyboard request a lot of energy and data that can be lost in 15ft , the problem is probably increased by the hub who probably make more "noise"

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