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Great deal on a GTX 1080... But...

it's probably sold already...you should've bought it instead of coming to LTT forum :)


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I don't know if every microcenter has this card for sale, but the microcenter in my area has a 8 gb GTX 1080 FE for sale under $400 (I think $379.99 to be exact).  The only issue is that it is a refurbished card.  It gives with a small, 90 day warranty (which is better than nothing).  


Does this sound legit, or is it too good to be true?  Should I just spend the extra $150 for a new one?

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I think there is no problem in buying it, ask about the gpu, personally I don't like FE editions for their cooling but eh 150$ on top is a lot

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hehe yeaaah boy


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Posted · Best Answer

it's probably sold already...you should've bought it instead of coming to LTT forum :)


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Well they should still offer the additional warranties as well. Id do it if I needed a card.

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