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My laptop shutsdown

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys!

I' ve got an unexpected problem with my 7-yrs laptop. Yeah, that's right - 7 YEARS! Damn. Of course it's not a huge problem, because I have 2 more laptops and 2 more PCs, but I want to fix my Acer 7740G either. It bumps white screen and turns off. Usually (95%) when browsing Net. Chrome or MS Edge. Doesn't matter. What I have already done:

1) Changed thermal compound

2) Updated drivers

3) Checked RAM and HDD health

4) Scanned with CCleaner, Norton and Malwarebytes


And that still takes place! Oh, I could forgot, no battery, only a charger - I use that as a deskop replacement in the basement. No overheating - checked that and vacuumed inside. One thing I have observed is nearly every time 100% HDD usage. That' s strange, isn't it? I have already turned off any unnecessary services. And till last Saturday it was ok, but today it happened one more time.


Does anyone know what it could be? :)

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Posted · Original PosterOP
39 minutes ago, razaldo said:

I had similar issues when my eeePC had a bad display driver instal


Could be that or the display driver is dying

Reinstalled display driver and so far, so good. Will write here if sh*t happened again...

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