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Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X SLI 5K Benchmarks

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How would titan x sli run in surround 1440p? Please do a video on that, I wanna see if it can hit that 60fps sweet spot or higher.

What about Hexa 1080p?

Because he had a hard drive.

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Cool video. I would have loved to see some 1080p and 1440p numbers just for fun.

Also it would have been cool to see how a 980 and or 290x performed with the same settings.

The ads in the middle of the videos are a little annoying now.

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I know they wont send you more graphics card's, but why stop there. Triple or quadruple sli = amazing!! Maybe even eyefinity setup. Just love powerful graphics card:D

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Great stuff


Would like to see comparison charts with  your single Titan X at  testing at 5k.

Was 2 really needed? 

Subjectively, How much improvement do you think that you got from 2 vs 1 card.



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Luke, Linus, What about an FPS war between 2 TitanX SLI running at 5K and 2 980 SLI running 4K , I have the later but hey, would be nice to know

  • ID                              Main system                                     Secondary System                                                    HTPC
  • ?                               daily driver, work and play                  encoding, raring and unraring                                    many things + watching media
  • CPU                           5960X                                                 3930K                                                                         i7 4770
  • Motherboard            Asus X99 DELUXE                            Asus Rampage 4 Gene                                              Asus Z87 Deluxe
  • RAM                         Gskill 8X8Gb DDR4 2400                  Gskill 4X4Gb DDR3 1600                                           2X 8Gb DDR3 1600 Kingston Value
  • GPU                         2X 980 GTX in SLI 1X 950                Geforce 210 GT                                                          HD Graphics 4600
  • Display                     2X PQ321Q 1X Smsng 2250           Samsung SynchMaster P2250                                   Sony Bravia KLV 40X450A
  • Case                         Lian Li PC P80 R                                CoolerMaster N300                                                     Tt DH 103
  • Storage                    Internal 13 TB, External 22 TB           Barr. 500 Gb Seagate, 2X WD RED 4TB                   Around 14 TB
  • PSU                          Tt Toughpower 1200W                       Tt TPG 750W                                                              Tt TPG 750W
  • Cooling                    NH-U12S with 1 NF F12 IPPC 3K     Tt Contac 30                                                               Intel Stock
  • Keyboard                 Corsair X95 RGB                               generic                                                                        generic
  • Mouse                      Microsoft Trackball Explorer 1.0         generic                                                                        generic
  • Operating System   Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit                   Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit                                           Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
  • UPS                           PCE MXL 3K                                       PCE MXL 3K                                                              PCE MXL 3K

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