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Discord Error causing inconsistent yet constant disconnections

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Discord has been giving me issues where, randomly, inconsistently, yet horribly irritating I disconnect from what ever voice connection I have. This error JUST popped up after 4/5 months of issues. This is after factory resetting and updating all firmware for the components of my PC. 
This doesn't just affect discord. It also affects multiple games but they are random... Like COD MW i just cant load in. Rainbow 6 Siege fine. TF2 fine. LoL I get punished for not seeing the ready up que. Valorant is hit or miss. Among Us I get RANDOMLY disconnected but only when the round starts.

I don't know what to do and it just sucks.
I'm happy I found this error window but it still doesn't explain how/why it affects other games.
If anyone knows anything please... I just wanna play games with my friends again

I've looked up the errors but all I are solutions for programs other than discord..Error.png.33929a7909baed736d10d2a11b20d479.png

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