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Anyone tried to make the Rotanium Fans quieter?

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Posted · Original PosterOP



Random question, most likely a silly idea...


Butttttttt, I bought these cheapo "Rotanium Fans" that have to connect to their own RGB controller to function (non standard fan header)... these little sneaky devils don't have a fan speed option at all and because the controller is connected via SATA power this makes them impossible to change the fan speed (aka not connected to the motherboard at all)... also I don't have a motherboard that has RGB fan headers


Sooo I come to you tech-ness people. Does anyone have any idea how I could control the fan speed... currently they're pretty damn load at 1100 RPM, so not the best fans but I thought it could be fun to mess with them a bit and make them a bit quieter.


Any ideas?

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Wire all the fans to a rheostat maybe? 

- If it ain't broken, don't fix it! 

- Your post codes and beep codes in the drop down below.




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Posted · Original PosterOP
On 9/26/2020 at 10:31 AM, ShrimpBrime said:

Wire all the fans to a rheostat maybe? 

To a what now?

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