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External Monitor Connected to USB Hub / Lenovo C930 Laptop Not Waking After Resuming From Sleep Mode?

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Hi all,


I have a Dell S3220DGF monitor connected to a hub (via Display Port). From the hub I have a USB C cable connected to my Lenovo C930 laptop. I usually leave the laptop's screen off (second screen only in Windows 10 settings) and just use the external monitor. That usually works fine, but for some reason, when my laptop goes to sleep, upon resuming from sleep it does not detect the external display. I've gone into the monitor settings and tried to select the external display or detect it with no luck. I've installed the latest drivers for the display on my system, and the monitor is the latest revision and firmware available for it as well. Any thoughts as to how to detect/wake the external monitor upon resuming from sleep mode? The only option that seems to work so far is to completely power off my laptop, then turn it back on again. Even a restart won't detect the external display when going from sleep mode. Thanks for any pointers!

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