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Huntsman TE or Xtrfy K4 or Ducky one 2 mini or Hyperx alloy fps pro ?

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hey guys, I'm going to buy a keyboard for my new rig within this weekend, and I'm in doubt between these 4 really (the apex pro isn't in cuz it's a little too pricy and not much better than the Huntsman TE imo).
I'm a high elo league of legends player and a gm in cs go, and i prioritize speed and feel over anything else (I don't really care about looks or if it's an unremovable cable and also I simply don't care about macro programs cuz the only game I play that need macros is wow and It already has that ingame)
so yeah, I'm settling between the Xtrfy k4 and the Huntsman TE but I don't know how quick and nice the K4 feels compared to the Huntsman TE, and so I appreciate every recommendation u guys give me about k4 vs Huntsman TE (speed and feel wise) and the about the choice overall. much love

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Don't think a keyboard will make you better at games because it won't.  Of the 4 you've listed I'd buy the Ducky, very reputable with good build quality for the price.  I'd also consider an Anne Pro.  Similar quality at a cheaper price with better switches.

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