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Dying hardware or software? Slow PC all of a sudden

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello guys, going through some tech-issues. Nothing seems out of the ordinary - I checked bios settings, temps, malware scan, background running app's...nothing, cant find any reason.


So now with me entry-level work done Im a bit lost. So my PC last 1 year some-times has boot issues, just minor things like slow boot, or maybe I haft to reset it. But what I have today is way weird...My system boots up slow, and doing anything on it is also very slow. Like I can barely open a game or an app. But no weird CPU/GPU/RAM usage going on...Its just slow. Im fairly sure it could be hard-drive or SSD issue, but when I look at Samsung magican also nothing seems out of the ordinary..my SSD says "good health" etc. Edit: Going through music / video files, my hard-drive also seems fine, but could it maybe be dying? I ofc use the SSD for boot drive. I also rance benchmark test on both of the drives, and they have normal read/write speeds. One thing I could mention is over the last 1 year or so my normal boot-up time has gotten a bit slower, maybe like 25-30 sec's, where it was around 15 before?


Full specs: NZXT H440 - Asus Z97 A Mobo - Corsair RM 850 - Intel I5 4590 CPU - Evo TX3 Cooler Master - Asus 970 Strix - 250GB SSD 850 Evo - Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD - Windows 10


Thanks for any help, hope its Microsoft / OS problems and not hardware. I have never also updated bios or re-installed windows, so maybe thats 1 issue, but doubt it.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

...Crap. Ok so its my harddrive :8 I managed to check some more stuff, like benchmarking my SSD and HDD in magician, read/write all normal, but I still could barely open games (Even if the games were installed on my SSD)...Few hang up's later, and I boot my PC down again on the power button, and...Bingo, Windows disc checker popped up. Sadly the estimate for this check is like 30 hours...so far, yikes.Ingen tilgængelig beskrivelse.

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