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Acceptable CPU and GPU Temps?

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After building my new PC and installing all of the drivers, software, and tweaking my fan curves to what I belive is acceptable I decided to stress test my CPU and GPU. I am wondering what is considered acceptable temps for each. For my GPU, I'm running an RTX 2060 SUPER founder's edition (not OC'ed) and I tested using heaven 4.0 on 1080p on all max settings and I hit a max temp of 68°C. And for my CPU, I'm running an i5 9600KF (not OC'ed) and cooling it using a hyper 212 evo RGB black. I tested using prime95 and reached a max temp of 78°C. I'm just wondering if these temps are acceptable and what is considered acceptable, thanks!

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Well, most CPU and GPU has a maximum temperature tolerance of 95c before they thermal throttle or shut down. There are no correct answer for your question, but ideal operating temperature for any electronic components is from 0c to 85c, however, getting as cool as possible prolongs the components life.


I say the temperature you reported looks good.

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75C is target temp for most of the stuff. That is using stock settings and coolers. Ofc using bigger cooler will make temps drop, overclocking means temps go up, voltage tweaking make temps drop, fan limits make temps go up and so on. Usually the hot range for CPUs is 80-90C, with over 90C being too hot. For Intel auto-shutdown is 105C by default. For GPUs the limit is bit higher, still over 95C is too much.

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