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  1. After building my new PC and installing all of the drivers, software, and tweaking my fan curves to what I belive is acceptable I decided to stress test my CPU and GPU. I am wondering what is considered acceptable temps for each. For my GPU, I'm running an RTX 2060 SUPER founder's edition (not OC'ed) and I tested using heaven 4.0 on 1080p on all max settings and I hit a max temp of 68°C. And for my CPU, I'm running an i5 9600KF (not OC'ed) and cooling it using a hyper 212 evo RGB black. I tested using prime95 and reached a max temp of 78°C. I'm just wondering if these temps are acceptable and
  2. Yes, this unit was indeed from Vinita.
  3. Hello, this will be my first time upgrading a new graphics card and I need some help. I am planning to upgrade from a gtx 745 to a gtx 1060 turbo. Do I need to uninstall any old drivers or will it automatically override the old drivers? That's my main question. Also would I need to look for the new drivers online or would the automatically install? Thanks!
  4. Lol, and yeah I'll look into the rust remover you mentioned.
  5. Another thing that could be affecting it is that in the US we have 60hz AC power whereas some places in Europe have 50hz power.
  6. We we were on a trip and visiting some relatives in Arkansas and somehow the subject of sirens came up came up and my uncle remembered there was an auction in his town and he said there might be some sirens in it because the city had replaced the old system. I am a siren enthusiast (yes that is a thing) so this was very exciting. Soon we found out there was a siren in the auction, and then found out a few weeks back that we had won the auction for the siren (a STL-10) For only $40! It will soon be at my house and I am hopefully going to repaint and restore it to working order. Does anyone have
  7. The 1060 turbo is a 6 pin. Which the psu has, I just checked.
  8. Hello, I have recently become interested in upgrading the graphics card in my dell XPS-8900 after noticing the gtx 745 isn't suitable for some games. I am planning to use an Asus gtx 1060 turbo. I chose this because it will expel all of the hot air from the card outside the case because the case is the stock one and I don't want to risk overheating. The specs for the computer are as following; i7 6700 (stock cooler, may replace if needed) Current gpu gtx 745 Stock motherboard 450w power supply, stock one 32gb RAM (4x8 hynix) Crucial 512gb ssd Seagate 2tb hdd